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Dance Conservatory FAQ's

What is STRUT?

STRUT is a major fundraising event for the dance conservatory. It is a high energy fashion show, runway and all, where students from all conservatories have the opportunity to showcase their fashion creativity via designing styles, styling outfits, and walking the runway. It's like a real life fashion show, as you would see at NY Fashion Week, where designers showcase their new seasonal fashion lines. Funds are raised via ticket sales and concessions.


What is ARTS in the PARK?

ARTS in the PARK is also referred to as BTW's Day in the Park. It is BTW's version of a Fall Carnival. It is an Arts District community event that showcases performances of BTW students. It is well attended by the community, as well as our BTW family, and is a lot of fun. The Guilds will be set up and hope you will stop by and say hi!


What is Senior Showcase week?

Senior Showcase week is a week-long event in November, hosted by the Dance Guild. Approximately 80 college reps from around the globe travel to BTWHSPVA for a week of interviews and auditions for college admissions. The Dance Guild hosts the college reps in our "hospitality suite" at school, where we serve them food and beverages throughout each day, as well as a catered lunch in the Art Gallery. We also provide snacks and a couple of meals to the senior students. It is a special, but stressful week for the seniors, and we do all we can to make it as special as we can for them. It is a privilege to participate as a volunteer for this event and we hope you will consider joining us in helping make the 2021 Showcase week the best yet.


What is Will Dance for Change?

Will Dance for Change is a dance performance designed to raise money for a local shelter. Pieces are choreographed and performed by BTW dance students. Dancers are chosen for each piece during auditions in September. The Will Dance for Change performance is on October 14th. Funds are raised from the cost of admission to the performance.

What are crew hours?

Students are required to complete 20 hours per semester of (volunteer) crew hours. The crew hour tracking system is digitized and students will use a QR scanner from a code provided by supervising faculty. They will then fill out of a form with their name, date, hours served, jobs completed, and name of supervising faculty overseeing volunteers. Ensemble dancers or dancers in open works will scan the code at the end of their performance/show to add their hours and information. Students with limited availability after school should ask faculty early and often for suggestions on other opportunities to crew before and during the school day, i.e. laundry, cleaning, etc. The required 20 crew hours results in a grade of 100, while 19 equates to 98, 18 to 96, etc. For every five hours in excess of 20 hours, students receive a one point increase to their grade, i.e. first five hours result in a grade of 101. Opportunities to sign up for crew hours will be posted on the Call Board and students should check that board regularly for new opportunities to crew.



What is a PEAR card?

PEAR is an acronym for Performance/Exhibit Attendance Requirement. Students must attend at least ONE performance of EACH conservatory, each school year (not semester). PEAR cards will be issued within the first few weeks of school. Students must bring their PEAR cards to performances and have them punched by supervising faculty. No PEAR cards will be punched the following day after an event, so please make sure your child does not leave a performance without getting their card punched. School performances such as, "A Chorus Line" or "Creations" will not be eligible for a PEAR card punch. PEAR card grade are averaged with crew hours in the spring semester only.


**PLEASE NOTE: Arts Passes can often be used at these events, so send the Arts Pass card, if you purchased one, with your child so you don't have to send cash, or worse yet, have to drive to school before the event begins to drop off cash.

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